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Choosing a BOINC Project

How to Choose a BOINC Project for Your CPU/GPU Contribution

Resistance combines Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Research (PoR) for block rewards. If you choose to earn block rewards by participating in PoR, whether exclusively or in combination with PoW, mining means contributing computing power to projects doing research.
This guide will help you choose PoR projects that will optimize your Resistance coin (RES) earnings. You may mine, or research, your choice of whitelisted BOINC projects based on your personal preferences, including projects advancing science, medicine, humanitarian research, and more.
Disclaimer: There are many variables to consider when optimizing your PoR projects. The following information should be used as a guide to optimization and should not be considered the perfect formula.

Dos and Don'ts

The following Dos and Don'ts are guidelines to the best way to start researching to earn RES.
Combining these guidelines with lessons learned through trial-and-error will yield the best results in the long-term.

DO choose whitelisted BOINC projects
Only whitelisted projects are eligible to grant you RES payments. Browse this page to see all currently available projects.

DON'T use your CPU in projects that also have GPU work units
Integrated GPU projects yield fewer computation credits because a CPU cannot compete with a GPU in terms of raw power, so it is better to use your CPU to work CPU-only tasks. While GPUs generate more BOINC credits or Recent Average Credit (RAC) than CPUs, CPUs have a better RES/kWh ratio.

DO choose projects with the lowest Team RAC
A BOINC project gives you credit for computations performed. The Recent Average Credit (RAC) of a project is an estimate of the number of credits a computer, user, and team will accumulate on an average day.

Your reward is based on the percent of the total Team RAC you contributed. Generally, the more Team RAC a project has, the more competitive it is. It"s advisable to contribute to projects with the least participation to optimize your percent of team RAC and get the best RES/kWh ratio. Note that GPU projects will typically have the most Team RAC. (Learn more about the BOINC credit system here.)

DO contribute as much as you can to your chosen project(s)
Every project earns a certain share of the daily RES production. Your RES payments are based on the share of your chosen project(s).

The more CPU cores or GPUs you contribute to a project, the higher your magnitude and the more you earn relative to the other Resistance researchers within that project. If you contribute 10% of the calculation power in one project, you get 10% of that project's RES share.

DON'T overlook a project's special requirements
Be aware that some projects require high RAM and disk space, virtualization capabilities, and other specialized hardware or technical skills.

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